About us

Excellent customer care and quality management system

Prestige Oak Finishes are a fully insured oak cleaning company, we are the only one in the UK to take our quality management system to the level of ISO 9001:2015 requirements.

The reason for doing so is to ensure, monitor and control customer satisfaction, which is of paramount importance to us.
We pride ourselves on our communication, reliability and friendly workforce, helping the entire construction process to run smoothly.
After all works are completed you will be supplied with a Prestige Warranty Certificate that can be extended to our Gold Standard Warranty for total peace of mind.

Unparalleled level of finish achieved by our techniques

Here at Prestige Oak Finishes we use our own exclusive chemicals and solutions, combined with our unique application method to clean your oak frame to a level that simply isn’t available elsewhere.

This is carried out without damaging surrounding plasterwork.
We have our own range of certified and approved finishes, all of which allow your green oak frame to breathe and slowly dry out.
These optional coatings are applied using our own industry leading techniques to ensure an even and long-lasting finish to your green oak frame.

Additional help and support from our management team

There are several items we recommend onsite, to save on cost we welcome you to supply these yourself. However, we know how time consuming running a construction project can be, with this in mind, we can offer the following ourselves;

  • Assistance with producing schedule of works and other documentation
  • Hire of toilet / entire welfare unit to meet CDM requirement
  • Dehumidifier hire
  • Generator hire
  • Lighting hire

Ability to effectively work around your time frame

We have a highly skilled workforce constantly out on the road, cleaning and finishing green oak timber frames across the country.

A member of our team in head office will call you to discuss various aspects of the construction process, such as the finish you are planning for your ceiling and walls.
This will allow them to effectively programme our site teams to fit around your schedule of works.
These site teams are then overseen by our site managers, meaning you will always have a point of contact onsite to resolve any minor issues.

Our process


It’s always worth contacting us early on during the planning stage of your build.

We are happy to offer help and advice free of charge, whether ultimately you choose to use us or not.
Project managing a build can be a daunting task, we can ease this by advising on the optimum times for our teams to attend site, helping you prepare your schedule of works.
Another point of discussion is the advantages of different finishes available, we can provide samples of each.


Once we have advised on and agreed a start date for the oak cleaning process to begin, one of our teams will attend site. 
They will use our own exclusive chemicals and solutions, combined with our unique application method, to remove unsightly marks caused during the manufacturing and erection of your green oak timber framed building. Our cleaning process will not damage surrounding plaster work. Acidic compounds used will be fully stable and neutralised before moving onto the finishing process. Once the initial cleaning stage is complete we will need you to be available for an inspection with our site manager.


Mould Treatment and Prevention.
In some cases where the timber has got particularly damp and especially on areas of sapwood, mould can set in. Using normal cleaning processes can make this mould disappear but doesn’t prevent it returning later. 
To counter this, we have developed a safe chemical biocide to fully remove the mould growth from the timber, no other oak cleaning companies offer this service. If you purchase our additional mould prevention package we offer our extended mould warranty free of charge for total peace of mind.


Many of our customers favour the natural look of the oak after cleaning, the frame can be left at this stage without further treatment. 
This natural finish requires minimal maintenance and over time will turn to a golden honey colour. Other options available are to coat the frame with a natural product such as linseed oil, teak oil, Tung oil or pure bees’ wax, these comes in a variety of shades. These finishes also protect the frame and can prevent the oak drying out too quickly causing shakes and twist.


We pride ourselves on having the highest level of customer satisfaction in the industry. After the job is complete you will have a final inspection with our site manager to ensure you are entirely satisfied. You will also receive a post sales maintenance pack containing some complimentary products and advise on caring for your oak. Before our team leaves site, you will be left with a customer satisfaction survey to complete and return. In the rare event there are any issues, you will have a warranty certificated and  also receive a copy of our complaints procedure. Any complaints are taken very seriously and dealt with in line with ISO 9001 recommendations.

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